Nursery & Mini-MainKids – Infants through age 3

In the Family Ministry, one of our strongest desires is for even our youngest ones to sense that God loves them and that church is a good place to be. Embracing and caring for your child’s physical needs in a safe environment, surrounded by loving adults who demonstrate Christ’s love, are what matter most at this stage.

MainKids — Pre-Kindergarten through 4th grade

At this stage in life, engaging a child's interests, forming friendships, and discovering God’s character through the Bible and experiences with God’s family are the things that matter most. Every Sunday, kids have opportunities to read, sing, play, think, serve, worship, create, and pray with dedicated teachers that welcome them by name, connect with them, and help connect them to Jesus.

The 527 Tribe — 5th through 7th grade

Affirming each child’s personal faith and life journey is what matters most in navigating the constantly changing pre-teen years. Our "527 Tribe" of 5th to 7th graders has a dedicated space and programming designed to help them build deeper connections with each other and with adult mentors, as we explore how the Bible guides us in our lives on Mondays through Sundays and find opportunities to learn, give, and lead.

Youth — 8th through 12th grade

We know each of our kids and their families—and in their final years under our care, we pray for them and surround them with people and programming that aim to send them out into the world with a lasting and authentic faith in Christ, which they can claim as their own.

Midtown Midweek


Midtown Midweek is South Main's Wednesday night weekly program that includes Fellowship Supper in our Turner Fellowship Hall, music programs across our Family Ministry, several kinds of Adult Discipleship offerings, and adult music opportunities.

Midtown Midweek resumes in August!

Celebrations and Milestones

Marking milestones in a child’s life calls attention to important transformations, and celebrating milestones together is an important spiritual discipline. At South Main, we pause our routines to recognize, as a church family, six important milestones in the lives of our children and families.

“Worship, discover, share” is South Main’s roadmap for Christian discipleship. Each week, we endeavor to worship God, discover God’s Word, and share with each other and those in need, as we seek balance, direction, and a sacred rhythm for our lives.