The 527 Tribe — 5th through 7th grade

Affirming each child’s personal faith and life journey as they navigate the often tumultuous, constantly changing pre-teen years is what matters most at this stage. We provide thoughtful programming specifically designed to help kids at this age build deeper connections with each other and with adult teachers who will be there for them consistently—not just on Sundays but also on the good days and the hard days ahead. This often includes in-depth discussions about how the Bible guides us in our lives on Mondays through Sundays, as well as opportunities to learn, give, and lead.

The 527 Tribe has a dedicated space in South Main's Activities Building, designed with all the confidence, angst, and maturing qualities of this age group in mind, as they begin to explore their own faith and form life-long relationships. In addition to Sunday School, we all meet up here to share our gifts—both beautiful and unrefined—in choir and handbells, as well as in talent shows, musical revues, and other forms of expression. Kids can hang out in their own library, stocked with books that tell incredible stories. And there is also a prayer room that provides a sacred and reverent space.

Before Your First Visit

  • The 527 Tribe meets for Sunday School in the Activities Building (Recreation Building) located on Colquitt Street behind the Sanctuary. If you park in the front parking lot and enter through the Welcome Center, one of our greeters will be happy to give you directions to the Activities Building.