Young Adults

Young Adults at South Main are a diverse group of people generally in their early 20s to mid 30s, who love being part of South Main's intergenerational church family. Whether we’re young professionals or in graduate school, new to Houston or been here all our lives, single or married, owning or renting, commuting to the innerloop or walking to church—we’re all seeking to live life together as a family of faith.

Median Adults

Some of the most important things that happen at church take place in the context of the small Sunday School communities where our lives and our faith intersect. At South Main, there are amazing opportunities to serve and lead during the middle stages of life.

Senior Adults

Listening for God’s calling never stops—it continues throughout our lives. At South Main, there’s a place for you to connect, explore, serve, and offer your wisdom and experience within South Main’s senior adult fellowship.

South Main At Home

There is more to South Main Baptist than just what happens at 4100 Main Street. South Mainers come together from all over the Houston metro area to worship. And once a month or so—and sometimes more often—we also get together in members' homes for food, fellowship, prayer, and good conversation. You can find a location near you, or visit around. Consider yourself invited.

“Worship, discover, share” is South Main’s roadmap for Christian discipleship. Each week, we endeavor to worship God, discover God’s Word, and share with each other and those in need, as we seek balance, direction, and a sacred rhythm for our lives.