Worship & Special Events

The liturgical calendar brings rhythm and structure to the worship experiences at South Main, and music plays a special role in bringing each season to life. Every year at Advent, we experience anew the eager anticipation of the coming of the Messiah, the sweet tradition of Christmas Eve together, and the joy and love of Christmas. In the spring, we mark Ash Wednesday and observe the solemnity of the weeks leading up to Christ's crucifiixon—culminating in a series of daily Holy Week services, including a special Service of Shadows. Then we are renewed by the sudden, boundless joy of Easter, which propels us into the rest of the year.

South Main also offers many special musical concerts throughout the year with the help of our Midtown Music Concert Series. This series was established to sustain a long-standing tradition of musical excellence experienced in this space. These concerts celebrate the vision, hard work, and sacrifice our congregation has made in renovating and restoring our historic sanctuary. Below you will find our upcoming concerts and performances from past seasons.

MIDTOWN MUSIC Concert Series (2019-2020)

 The Choir of Trinity College Cambridge - September 23, 7:00PM

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Midtown Music Concert Series Has Featured Guest Artists Such As:

Isabelle Demers (http://isabelledemers.org)

The Fairfield Four

Ken Cowan (Organist) and Lisa Shihoten (Violinist) 

Daryl Robinson (Organist)

The King’s Singers 

United States Army Chorus

 Peter Conte,

Houston Chamber Choir